Kansas Agritourism Summit

Registration for the Kansas Agritourism Summit will be opening in October! The summit will be a one day event full of education and networking opportunities! The event will be held in Manhattan, KS on January 5th, 2023. Registration for the event is $25 and includes lunch.

Once registration goes live, it will be housed on Kansas Agritourism (travelks.com). We will send out a special newsletter announcing when registration goes live, as well as posting it on the private Facebook page! We look forward to hosting you!  

Drum Roll! 

We are excited to announce this year's keynote AND closing keynote speaker is, award winning speaker Jolene Brown! Jolene is a walking/talking champion for the people of agriculture, she shares her credibility, authenticity, humor, and wisdom with audiences worldwide through her writing, keynotes, and workshops. With stages ranging from bales of hay to some of the world’s most beautiful venues, Jolene has the unique ability to weave appropriate humor, real-life stories, and hard-won experience into her work.

Recently Roamed

In the month of September, I got to visit the wonderful agritourism locations below!

Serendipity Farm and Vine - Stilwell, KS

Juniper Hill Farm and Table - Lawrence, KS 

If you want me to come visit you next, send me an email (kelsey.tully@ks.gov) or give me a call (785) 230-4299 and we can schedule a visit to discuss how I can better serve you and your operation! 

 New Registered Members!

Last Call For Travel Guides!

If you order more than 2 boxes of the Kansas Travel Guide each year then contact Andrea by October 14th to be added to the drop shipment list. If you get added you will be one of the first to receive the 2023 Kansas Travel Guides! 

It's Fall Ya'll 

It is hard to beat fall in Kansas! The leaves are changing and people are excited to get out of the house and enjoy all the wonderful fall events taking place! We want to make sure we have a full list of all the pumpkin patches and pumpkin themed events taking place this season. If you are not already listed on our pumpkin patch page please send me an email at kelsey.tully@ks.gov so we can get you added as well as any events you have taking place!   

Visit Our Pumpkin Patch Page

Market Your Events!

If you have any up coming events on the farm we would love to share them on our website! Our events page is one of the most visited pages on our website and we want to make sure it is full of fun and exciting events that are happening all around the state! If you are hosting any type of event such as, goat yoga, farm tours, wine wagons... just to name a few, we want to hear about it! To add your events to our website just go through your extranet account! For step by step instructions or to follow along by video, click the button below! For additional questions or your extranet log-in information, please send me an email at kelsey.tully@ks.gov.

Add Your Event!

 For questions and inquiries about the Kansas Registered Agritourism Program contact: